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We are your Strategic L&D Partner who can help you develop the requisite people capabilities to execute on your business strategies.



“None of us want training, what we want is change.”

We Address Real Issues

Solutions are designed or selected to address real issues such as managing ourselves, others or the organisation.

We Think Small - Small, Concrete Takeaways

Our licensed world-class programmes may present grand frameworks.
But at their core are bite-sized pieces that participants can take away to apply immediately.

We Connect the Dots between Theory & Practice

As work situations tend to be more complicated than given examples, we thus have multiple checkpoints to discuss how content maps back to work context, how ideas can be applied to work within the organisation’s culture.

We Follow Through

We design post programme application interventions so that participants can apply their learning immediately and get started on building new positive habits.

Our Services

Licensed Leadership Programmes

We offer licensed  world-class leadership programmes for Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Organisation.


We offer a series of coaching interventions to enhance your people’s and organisational capability.

Organisation Development Solutions

We possess the professional experience and instructional design expertise to design and develop solutions that will meet your strategic business needs.

Virtual Adventures

Offered jointly with our partner, Red Leaf. World-class experiential learning and lessons from nature in a single experience.

Radio Interview with David Covey on Trapologist at Work 

Career 360: Trapologist at work
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