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Our Partners

Our work is made possible by a network of partners who collectively help us to further our mission in helping people and organisations to harness the power of plenty today to prepare for tomorrow. We align ourselves with organisations that share our broader mission and purpose, and importantly to enhance our clients’ experiences and outcomes.  

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Cloverleaf is on a mission for every team to be a thriving team with people doing work that energizes them. It provides data-driven insights to empower every person in the organization to increase their relational and communication effectiveness, ultimately improving productivity and engagement. 

Headquartered in USA, SMCOVEY is a knowledge hub company founded by two of the industry's most experienced minds, David Covey and Stephan Mardyks. Their passion for curating the most relevant knowledge and insights for today’s new world guide their global team and partners.

Established in 2003 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Red Leaf lead expeditions in extreme environments around the world. They film everything and take real-life action from these expeditions to create fun and relevant virtual experiences. Their Virtual Adventures address the complexities of leadership and team dynamics in corporate culture today.

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, MTP was established to be a knowledge centre and training course provider in business and management. They also provide business consulting and research for organisations, companies, and entrepreneurs in all types of businesses. Their purpose is to develop the organisation and their employees to achieve the strategic goals of the organisation and bring the business forward into the 21st century.

The Wiseman Group is a talent development and research organisation headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For people striving to build a high-contribution culture, The Wiseman Group creates insights that ignite multiplying behaviour, because developing and using talent is the ultimate advantage.

LEA Asia Consulting is a learning solution provider established in 2017 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. Through collaboration with their clients and partners, they have an extensive suite of high-quality learning programmes – training workshops, coaching, facilitation, and gamified learning solutions. 

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