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At Surplus Network Asia, our mission is to help people and organisations, harness the power of plenty today to prepare for tomorrow.

We want to help people in organisations, in Asia and everywhere, to fulfill their potential for the benefit of themselves and others, positively impacting the organisations they are in and more.  We do this through our platform of licensed premium quality learning solutions partnered with our network of experts.


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“How can I help?” is Jeff’s signature tagline. When Jeff asks you questions, it’s because he knows that asking the right questions is better than knowing the right answer. He is patient, open and creates safe spaces to build on your own self-discovery with further insights.  

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Karen is strong enough and brave enough to share her pain and vulnerability as living examples if it will guide you towards a breakthrough in your mindset shift. We are protective of our gem who can see opportunities when faced with limitations.

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The buoyant energy from Dr. Tanai comes from inside out and people gravitate to his warmth. He is easily the smartest person in the room yet bowls you over with his child-like curiosity about you. Dr Tanai can make a dry topic like financial statements analysis funny by relating it to courtship and marriage. 

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Sales Advisor and Associate

Edmund pursues life with a go-getter attitude as our sales advisor and associate. He has a passion for cooking and unwinds by whipping up Peranakan food. His most-requested Peranakan dishes from family and friends include Ayam Buah Keluak, Kueh Salat and Kueh Kosui. Through Biographies, Edmund discovers ideas and approaches through the stories and experiences of others. He also enjoys Management and Leadership books.

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Lead for Human Systems Dynamics,

Facilitator and Associate

Mee Yin’s passion makes her engagements simple and sunny, infused with sparks of innovation and transformation. She believes everyone can sharpen their innate learning capability and be a unique competitive edge for their teams and entities. Mee Yin is a learning innovator who remains steadfast as she journeys with teams and organisations to turn learning into a strategic enabler, a productive process, and an impactful capability.

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Business Development Lead

Chris always believe that being a good listener is better than an advice- giver. He empathises with your issues and strives to be the help for his clients. As a competitive netball player and also as a coach, he strongly believes that true teamwork is the pinnacle of effective and personal growth. He relates all these back to his clients and strives to bring your teams and leaders to a greater heights. 

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Team Surplus - Dominic Chew.jpg


Chief Branding Advisor

Dominic describes his sense of humour as The Economist - a succinct way of saying he is level-headed in his views on global, social, economic and business news while being quirky  and unconventional at the same time. He takes a visual approach to issue framing and solutioning and draws on his sketchpad to clue you in.

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Team Surplus - Irene Teo_edited.jpg


Certified Trapologist at Work Facilitator and Associate

Irene draws you in instantly with her positivity and succinct quips. She makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room even if the room is full of people. Some people are the life of the party and then there’s Irene – the actual party.  When she is facilitating, the energy is electric and the learning is high.

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Associate Facilitator and Coach

Building thriving teams and organisations. This is Sharon’s North Star when she works with individuals and teams on their development journey. Sharon takes immense satisfaction in unlocking and cultivating the potential in every person. Her genuine interest in people and high level of empathy makes her an approachable and relatable coach and facilitator.

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Associate Lead Coach

Robyn is a respected, seasoned and trusted coach, and is fondly known as the “leader whisperer”. She creates a safe space for leaders to also define and explore their leadership challenges, strategic objectives and meaningful goals. She journeys with them, their teams and organisations as they link personal challenges to business growth; the need for courageous conversations to move impasses, and create clear pathways for breakthrough ideas and tangible outcomes. Complex environments, challenging topics, cross cultural elements all play to Robyn’s strengths, which also include being inclusive, open, empathic, and caring while not letting the hard issues escape.

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Associate Coach

It is impossible to take a bad photo of Lynette as she is impeccably groomed and camera-ready at all times. The detail orientation carries into her coaching for clients to shift them from areas of self-doubt, lack, and relationship struggles, to places where true self-awareness, purpose, and freedom are achieved. In addition, Lynette has a keen interest in supporting women through various personal moments, career and leadership transitions, to enable them to achieve their ultimate dreams, goals, and purposes in life.

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Associate Facilitator

When asked to complete the sentence, “At home I’m the go-to person for…”, Peter laughed, “whatever they want me to do!”. In his free time, he takes long contemplative walks at MacRitchie and serves in church doing meet-and-greet and guiding new visitors. His favourite film genre is action and crime. He carries his can-do attitude, investigative inclination, action orientation, patience and shepherding to his role as a facilitator.

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Team Surplus - Philip Aw.jpg


Associate Facilitator

While Philip is current with his movie watching, his favourite film is “The Pianist”. He enjoys stories about adventure and survival in harsh situations. Philip and his family believe in natural healing and chemical-free living as much as possible and make their own cleaning products using natural ingredients and essential oils. As a facilitator, Philip focuses on positivity and well-being and takes a structured approach to elicit leadership qualities from participants.

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