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Working in Teams is definitely not easy. We all come from different backgrounds, with different strengths, and different priorities. Therefore, it is important to establish the common objectives and have a shared understanding of priorities in order to work harmoniously together and achieve the highest productivity level.

Different People, Different Gifts

A MBTI/16 Types Based Team Building workshop where team members will understand, identify & utilise their personal preferences and those of others using MBTI / 16 Types typology to promote team communication, relationships, and collaboration, leading to increased team performance.

Building A Stronger Team

A Strengths-based Team Building workshop where team members will learn, appreciate, and

leverage their personal strengths and the team’s collective strengths using the CliftonStrengths

typology to improve their team dynamics and collaboration to meet the team’s identified priorities.


Designed for teams that want a rich and highly interactive experience that is aspirational and powerful.

Solutions offered jointly with our partner, Red Leaf.

An engaging, fun experience that can lift the mood, something to help you recharge and break the day-to-day monotony, especially during this time of post-pandemic, we can help!

We offer a 90-minute facilitated online virtual adventure, in partnership with Red Leaf.


Choose a theme from the 4 Virtual Adventures!

Virtual Adventures
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