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​Leadership Development

Being a Leader is definitely not an easy task.
We understand your difficulties and we have several solutions to help you become at leading yourself, your team, and your organisation.

Leading Self

Trapologist at Work

Outsmarting the 7 hidden obstacles to success at the workplace

Don't we all at some points feel like we are being "trapped" and is affecting your performance at work and decreasing your effectiveness? The Trapologist at Work programme will help you recognise the 7 workplace traps and how to overcome them whilst maximising your productivity level and maintaining your work-life balance. 


By detecting and escaping the workplace traps, this will lead to accelerating your success in personal and interpersonal performance, with active contribution towards organisational goals.

Unleashing your Strengths 

Live your best life using your strengths! 

Do you sometimes feel like you are underperforming and could do much better?

Our Gallup-certified Strengths Coach recognises that each individual has within them the answers to how to bring their best self to work, and with an understanding of what can help them to do that. With Unleashing Your Strengths, our Coach will help you discover what you do best by taking you through your CliftonStrengths assessment results so you can discover how to utilise your strengths in your work and become the best version of yourself.

Leading Others

Strength-based Leadership

Be the leader people want to follow

The Strengths Based Leadership workshop aims to equip you with the 3 keys to becoming the leader that people want to follow:

  • Knowing your strengths and investing in others’ strengths

  • Engaging with team members and leveraging on the team’s strengths to achieve the business objectives as well as improving employee engagement

  • Leading with your strengths to meet the four basic needs of those who look to you for leadership.

Be the aspiring leader that you would want to follow.

Resonant Leadership

Resonant leaders:


Are attuned to themselves and the needs, desires, and dreams of the people they lead


Create conditions in which people can be their best


Seek a meaningful future for their people, organisations, and communities


Are flexible, responsive, and able to establish and maintain powerful positive relationships.

Leading Organization

Building Business Acumen

Gain functional awareness and improve your business performance

The  Building Business Acumen provides a way for leaders to have a common language to understand the business, in order to break down silos and improve business performance.

Leaders will gain strategic perspectives of their organisation and the environment within which your organisation operates, through the framework of The 5 Business Drivers®  that are crucial to every organisation.

Equipped with ‘functional awareness’, your leaders will be able to:

  • Analyse the core business drivers, the relationship between different functions and how each is related to the bottom line.

  • Connect their individual role to the organisational strategy and be more aligned with the organisational direction in the ever-increasingly dynamic and complex environment.

  • Communicate more effectively as they speak a common language across the division/organisation. 

  • Strengthen their capability to lead their teams and in complex projects.

  • Craft an action plan of how they will drive their division’s/organisation’s strategy and performance.

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