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Become a Trapologist 

trapologist / trap · ol · gist / n.  A person who detects and avoids

workplace traps and helps others do the same.

"YOU" Traps

Are you finding yourself drowning in the thick of thin things? Idling in the status quo? Maintaining a façade of perfection?

"YOU & TEAM" Traps

In your working relationship with your teammates, are you allowing emotions to taint your perspective? Operating as an  independent on a team? Losing passion and inspiration at work?


Reflect on your organisation's strategic priorities, are you failing to see how your role fits in the big picture? How you are contributing and adding value to your organisation?

If you are struggling with any of these challenges, it's a sign that you have fallen into

one or more of the 7 traps that are holding you back from achieving greater success! 



Here's a hint: Increase your personal effectiveness and enhance your work performance!

With Trapologist at Work, you'll be able to:


  • Recognise the 7 hidden obstacles (traps) that trip you up at the workplace. 

  • Discover unconventional strategies to outsmart the obstacles to peak performance as an individual, when working with others, and when aligning with the organisational goals.

  • Explore applying the Trapologist Process to rethink your current conventional ways in handling your workplace challenges and to spur innovation

  • Adopt a growth mindset and acquire the skills of leading self by the end of the programme.


“I like the coverage of all 7 Traps.”

“These are very common and relevant challenges at the workplace.”

“Interactive. Interpersed with mini self-assessments. Relevant for current work situations.”

“I like how the Trapologist topics are bite-sized.”

“Helps to improve my workload.”

“It was an enriching session with practical and engaging insights.”

Facilitators are very engaging and the workshop is very lively

as everyone gets involved in the activities.


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