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HSD Professional
Certification Course

Surplus Network Asia is honoured to partner with Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) Institute to bring The HSD Professional Certification Course to Asia Pacific and we invite you to become a certified HSD Professional.


Join a global network of professionals, educators, and leaders who use HSD to understand their world in new ways. HSD Professionals realize a number of benefits as they work with HSD tools and techniques.

Those who have completed the training describe the benefits in many ways, such as declaring that they are able to:

  • Deal with the complexity inherent in life in the 21st century

  • Engage in more productive problem-solving in all aspects of their lives

  • Understand the dynamics that create major patterns in their lives, such as conflict, collaboration, trust, etc

  • Increase skills that enable them to contribute to effectiveness and productivity in their professional lives

  • Engage with family and community members in more open and generative ways

  • Understand their own personal patterns that limit their potential

  • Come to understand that using HSD always allows you to find a path, even through your most challenging life experiences

Join us in this exciting learning journey! Click here for the upcoming HSDP Certification Course!

Do check out our Adaptive Action Labs as well if you want to get a glimpse of HSD while learning to leverage the complexity of your challenges to create powerful energy for change. 

Upcoming HSDP Certification

Upcoming HSDP Certification

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