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HSDP Certification - Virtual Course

Human systems dynamics (HSD) prepares you to thrive in an uncertain future.
you see, understand, and influence complex,
wicked is
sues, nothing is intractable.

Are you interested in becoming a certified HSD Professional, but the usual schedule just doesn't work in your local time zone? We have partnered with HSD Institute to bring HSD Professional Certification that works for those of us in the Asia-Pacific. We will be launching a new opportunity, beginning February 29 (US) / March 1 (APAC) and extending through July 18 (US) / July 19 (APAC), to accommodate time zones in the Asia-Pacific region (download Learning Journey for specific times). You are invited to join us in an all-virtual HSD Professional Certification course.

So what?

So what are the benefits to you?

  • Learn to deal with the complexity inherent in life in the 21st century

  • Use learning time to focus on applying HSD in your wicked issues at work, in your community, and/or in your personal life

  • Access resources designed to build skills and knowledge to change how you:

    • See the world and understand the social dynamics of the human systems where you live, work, and play

    • Engage with others in more open and generative ways, and address your most intractable challenges

    • Make decisions, using models and methods that allow you to see and understand the complex nature of your world

    • Understand dynamics that create your life patterns, such as conflict, collaboration, accountability, and trust

    • Engage in online, personalized meetings on the platform

    • Engage with others around the world in a virtual network of people who want to learn and apply human systems dynamics to their wicked issues

  • Skip long-distance, away-from-home travel and engage online for five half-day sessions that launch three months of online application and learning

So what are the elements of the course?

  • All-virtual course that engages you over the course period to build your skill and understanding of HSD

  • Individual and group learning sessions that focus on the challenges you bring to the course

  • Personal coaching and support from an experienced HSD Professional who has been through the training

  • Details about the Program:

    • Dates: March 1, 2024 – July 19, 2024

    • Requirements:

      • Orientation Meeting: March 1, 2024

      • Five half-day sessions: March, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25  | 9am - 2pm SGT
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      • Three scheduled group meetings each month

      • One individual coaching session each month

      • Online engagement/documentation/threaded discussions in response to 5 learning topics:  Lead in Complex Times, Plan in Complexity, Manage Complex Change, Build Adaptive Capacity, and Collaborate to Create Community

      • Four Adaptive Action Experiments to work and document on your own wicked issues

      • Discussions and deep learning from Adaptive Action: Leveraging Complexity in Your Organization

Now what?

Royce Holladay will serve as the faculty for this cohort. She looks forward to welcoming you into this learning ecology!

Now what’s next for you?

For more information, contact us at or register by clicking on the Register Now button below.

Faculty & Coach

Royce Holladay has been working to support people as they navigate change for over 30 years. With a Master's degree in counselling, she began learning about the dynamics of personal change. Since learning about Human Systems Dynamics, she builds on and expands those skills in multiple areas of her work and personal life. She works with individuals of all ages, supporting them in the challenges of living, working, and playing in the complexity of today's world. Over the past decade, Royce has co-authored five books based on Human Systems Dynamics, including the book she and Glenda co-authored, Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization. Her most recent books are a series of brief guides designed to help people apply HSD principles to specific areas of work in human systems, such as coaching, instructional design, and facilitation.

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP

Event Information




Feb 29 - Jul 18 (US)
Mar 1 - Jul 19 (APAC)


$5,000 USD
(cost includes HSDP lifetime membership fee)


- 30% off for:

  • Academic

  • Government

  • HSD Associates

  • Non-profit

  • 3+ registering together

(Use Promo code HSDP on the order form to receive discount)

- 5% off for:

Registering by Jan 23, 2024

(Use Promo code HSDP23JAN on the order form to receive discount)

*Note: You will be redirected to HSD Institute's Registration Form when clicking the "Register Now" button.

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

What are the challenges of leadership today? Whether you hold a formal position of leadership or just want to support others along the way, you are a leader! Wherever you lead—home, community, or organisation, you feel the impact of the changes and challenges of the 21st Century. The world is moving quickly, and we are all overwhelmed by the day-to-day barrage of challenges we face. We see the people who work with us and who work for us, and they are struggling, just as we are.

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