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Adaptive Action Lab

What is Adaptive Action Lab?

Surplus Network Asia is honoured to partner with Human Systems Dynamics Institute to bring Adaptive Action Labs to the Asia Pacific!


An Adaptive Action Lab is a new mode of support for teams facing complex challenges. They arrive with an apparently intractable issue and leave with concrete action plans and renewed energy and curiosity.


The purpose of the Labs is to help groups get unstuck, and the recent series demonstrates the creative ways groups find to get stuck in their chaos.


An Adaptive Action Lab (AA Lab) brings the best of consulting and training into a single event. It is a work session, as opposed to a training session.


As a participant, you define and work on your most intractable challenge. Then you learn about humdapan systems dynamics (HSD) as you apply your new learning to frame your challenge in a way that points to your best next wise action.


You will leave the session with two tangible outcomes: 

  1. You will have a clear plan for moving forward in your challenge 

  2. You carry with you a new perspective and effective models and methods that help you address your next challenge

Join us in an AA Lab to learn how our partner - Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) can help you leverage the complexity of your challenges to create powerful energy for change.

Upcoming Adaptive Action Labs

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