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Multipliers Team Coaching

multiplier / məltə · plīər / n. a leader who makes everyone SMARTER 


The Multipliers is a practical and pragmatic leadership development tool that leaders can use to grow themselves, their teams and the department especially in the current VUCA environment with limited resources

It will guide you through the 6 types of an Accidental Diminisher and how to become a Multiplier.

diminisher / di· min · ish · er / n. a well-intended leader, who subtly and completely unaware, shuts down the intelligence of others

The 10 coaching conversations

The Multiplier Coaching is conducted by our certified coaches, either in-person or virtually to your choosing, where they will walk you through 10 meaningful conversations. These conversations, along with the coaches guidance, will equip you with the tools on how to NOT accidentally diminish your team members but instead, intentionally multiply them. 

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Recognise and utilise the native genius of your team members.

  • Promote innovation through rapid learning and “failing forward” when mistakes are made.

  • Embrace the duality of challenging team members to reach higher performance levels and engendering in them the belief in their capabilities to get the task done.

  • Engage others through a robust and process of inquiry and debate that enables the team to move forward collectively.

  • Ensure empowerment and accountability is fully transferred to team members.

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