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Licensed Leadership Programmes

“A Trapologist is a person who detects and avoids the 7 workplace traps and helps others do the same.”

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“Outsmarting the 7 hidden obstacles
to success at the workplace”

Surplus Leadership Programmes - Trapolog

By detecting and escaping the workplace traps,
this will lead to accelerating Trapologists’ success
in personal and interpersonal performance,
with active contribution towards organisational goals.

Do you lack focus?

Drowning in the thick of thin things

Do you prolong change?

Idling in the status quo

Do you fear failure?

Maintaining a façade of perfection

Do you get angry or stressed easily?

Allowing emotions to taint perspective

Do you fail to work as a team?

Operating independently on a team

Do you lack engagement at work?

Losing passion and inspiration at work

Do you know your impact?

Failing to see the big picture

Trapologist at Work process can be used
to improve personal effectiveness and excellence at work


Many workplace challenges are caused by traps that we fall into unwittingly and we do not even realise it until we are deeply entrenched. 

Trapologist at Work can help your employees to:

  • Recognise the 7 hidden obstacles (traps) that trip them up at the workplace. 

  • Discover unconventional strategies to outsmart the obstacles to peak performance as an individual, when working with others, and when aligning with the organisation’s goals.

  • Explore applying the Trapologist Process to rethink their current conventional ways in handling their workplace challenges and to also spur innovation.

  • Adopt a growth mindset and acquire the skills of leading self by the end of the programme.

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The Multiplier Experience can enable your leaders to get more intelligence and capability from the same workforce to achieve their team or organisational goals.

This is achieved when your leaders:

  • Recognise and utilise the native genius of their team members.

  • Promote innovation through rapid learning and “failing forward” when mistakes are made.

  • Embrace the duality of challenging team members to reach higher performance levels and engendering in them the belief in their capabilities to get the task done.

  • Engage others through a robust and process of inquiry and debate that enables the team to move forward collectively.

  • Ensure empowerment and accountability is fully transferred to team members.


Multipliers is a practical and pragmatic leadership development tool that your leaders can use to grow themselves, their teams and the department especially in our VUCA environment with limited resources

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Building Business Acumen provides a way for your leaders to have a common language to understand the business,
break down silos and improve business performance

Your leaders will gain strategic perspectives of their organisation and the environment within which their organisation operates, through the framework of The 5 Business Drivers®  that are crucial to every organisation.

Equipped with ‘functional awareness’, your leaders will be able to:

  • Analyse the core business drivers, the relationship between different functions and how each is related to the bottom line.

  • Connect their individual role to the organisational strategy and be more aligned with the organisational direction in the ever-increasingly dynamic and complex environment.

  • Communicate more effectively as they speak a common language across the division/organisation. 

  • Strengthen their capability to lead their teams and in complex projects.

  • Craft an action plan of how they will drive their division’s/organisation’s strategy and performance.

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